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    My Soul Sings With The Breath Of Spirit                              Planting The Seeds Of Hope                                     Sacred Element, Healing Waters

About Earthway Studio

A visual Artist Depicting Time and Space.

   Spiritual in nature my work speaks of the natural world, the Earth and sky, elementals and allies who reside there. 

Each drawing is a pictorial of my own journey as a healer, healing my own heart through the creative process, Shamanic Reiki and journey into altered realities, retrieving lost parts of my soul.

Incased predominantly in a circle or oval form, I strive to create a sense of balance to the multi-dimensional rendering of time and space. 

I hope to bring into the world, a sense of awareness of our unique multi-dimensional experience, as we live as Spiritual beings in a physical form. 

Marg Tudino


Small Works Spirit Art Cards

I have created Small Works Art Cards  as a  one of a Kind Hand Designed cards using water color markers and micro pens on acid free paper. Each card has a theme and a hand designed frame to complement it. Add your own special verses, sign it and give it with love to yourself or to someone special, then hang on the wall as a "Small Work of Art"

I also take orders for Commissioned Pieces.

Cards size~ 5x7   $14.99 each plus  SH
Card With Custom Frame  $39.95  plus SH
Gift Certificates available

Small Works Spirit Drawings

Each piece is a one of a kind work of art, drawn on acid free paper. Using Caran Dacha water color crayons and micro pens, I create drawings of vision given to me by Spirit. Each piece is framed and then dedicated to the Earth and the Sky to then be brought into the world for healing. View with an open heart, allowing Spirit to speak to you.


 Hand Made One of A Kind 

Clay And Stone Jewelry

Created from clay of the Earth,each piece is one of a kind, hand crafted work of art . Fired to 2100 degrees , it is then hand painted embellished with clay beads., local tumbled stones and then assembled into a piece of unique  jewelry. From neck pieces to earrings or a bracelet, each work of art has the intention of  helping bring about healing for body, mind or spirit.

Placing each piece outside upon the earth for 24 hours, it is given the life force energy of the sun and grounding energy of the earth. I then transfer Reiki healing energy into each peace for balancing.

What do you need? Can Dragonfly help bring transformation in your life or can wolf help you with courage and strength?


            East Meets West

Combining clay of the Earth with the grounded healing  energies of the North East  and the high vibrations of the South West, each piece is a unique healing work of art.


 Circle  Pendent
Tree Of Life Earrings & Pendent
    set $125
Sand Stone Pendent And Earrings
  Set $125

Visionary Art

Original Works of Art


Canvas Prints are available on most pieces

Out Of The Shadows, Jaguar Women
Spirit Of My Ancesters

                                        Canvas Prints
                                                      all prints are 16x20 in size    printed on Canvas   
                                      allow 3-4 weeks for delivery    $125  with  free  shipping

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Gift Certificate

$25 Gift Certificate 

$50 Gift Certificate

$75 Gift Certificate

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$100 Gift Certificate

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For more information  contact Marg Tudino

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