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I Send A Cry Into The Wilderness                                                 Wolf Dreams                                                  Wolf Songs- Save My People
Wolf Spirit
I am a visual Artist depicting time and space
          Earth Steward

        I am a visual Artist depicting time and space.

   Spiritual in nature my work speaks of the natural world and touches on topics that are close to my heart. 

   Whether it be a large drawing, a small art card or a piece of clay jewelry, I like to use bright bold color, earthey objects and themes which give voice to my creative work,  bringing a kind of song and music to each piece, like a dance.

   My work is predominatly  incased in the circle or oval form creating  a sense of balance to the multi -dimensional  rendering of time and space. 

   Having a background in earth based traditions I hope to bring into the world a sense of balance and beauty for the next seven generations to come. 


  To All My Relations

  Marg Tudino




                ART THAT HEALS

      Drawing The Light  From Within 

                       Beginners Class

   Life can be hctic and oh so busy and sometimes it is so easy to lose sight of our own inner spark and beauty. In this workshop, through the use of meditation/visualization, we will take time to relax anr reconnect to our own inner light using the creative process and the mandela form as a means of expression.

   By working in the round, and using Caran Dacha crayons and colore pencles we will create works of beauty that speak of our own inner vision reconnecting to our inner light

   No previous art training required  

     $50 per person  -  supplies are provided

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                   Drawing The Light Fom Within

   Only through inspired self-knowledge do we gain do we gain the kind of transparency that renders us pervious to the light within. Then we drop the solid wall by which we ordinaily defend ourselves against the light and the beauty in others. What nobler task could there be for art?  What greater challenge and responsibility could there be for the person-you and me.        Georg Feuerstein   M.LIT

   Is creativity a learned skill? Does everyone possess the ability to bring fourth, through the creative process, that light that is within all of us?

   Through guided meditation/visualization exercises and practical skill building projects, with the use of Judith Cornell's book "Drawing The Light From Within" you will be given the tools to see "through the eyes of inner awareness" using your own inner light to create beautiful workds of art .

  I will be guiding you every step of the way on this exciting journey!

   This is a 16 week class meeting on a Monday nights starting in October 2018

   Payment is $80  per month payable by the month

   You can pay for this class on pay pal

   A supply list will be given at the beginning of each month

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