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    My Soul Sings With The Breath Of Spirit                              Planting The Seeds Of Hope                                     Sacred Element, Healing Waters

About Earthway Studio

A visual Artist Depicting Time and Space.

   Spiritual in nature my work speaks of the natural world, the Earth and sky, elementals and allies who reside there. 

Each drawing is a pictorial of my own journey as a healer, healing my own heart through the creative process, Shamanic Reiki and journey into altered realities, retrieving lost parts of my soul.

Incased predominantly in a circle or oval form, I strive to create a sense of balance to the multi-dimensional rendering of time and space. 

I hope to bring into the world, a sense of awareness of our unique multi-dimensional experience, as we live as Spiritual beings in a physical form. 

Marg Tudino


Small Works Spirit Art Cards

I have created Small Works Art Cards  as a  one of a Kind Hand Designed cards using water color markers and micro pens on acid free paper. Each card has a theme and a hand designed frame to complement it. Add your own special verses, sign it and give it with love to yourself or to someone special, then hang on the wall as a "Small Work of Art"